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Maintenance of adequate hydration:

Replacement after each diarrhoea:

Infants up to 1 year : 100 – 200ml

Children: 1 – 5 years : 200ml

(1cup) Older Children and adults:

Enough to replace the fluid lost and quench thirst.


In Patients unable to take usual feeds/meals:

Infants: Age 0-1 year : 120ml/kg per day.

              Age 1-2 years : 100ml per day.

              Age 2-4 years : 85ml/kg per day.

              Age 4-10 years : 70ml/kg per day.

Age over 10 years and adults: 2 – 3 litres per day.


Treatment of mild to moderate dehydtration:

50-100ml/kg body mass over the first 6 hours followed by maintenance therapy. It further fluid loss continues for 12 hours. And severe dehydration. Consult your healthcare professional immediately.

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