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Hi, my name is Hannes Snyman and I am a community pharmacist.


If you are suffering from muscle pain, headaches, muscle injuries you are a candidate for bio-puncture.

Bio puncture is an injection technique where we inject the natural homeopathic remedy with a very small needle to areas of spasm and pain and where there’s inflammation instead of using cortisone and other remedies.

The heal remedies are natural remedies that effectively and quickly clear the inflammation. The homeopathic remedies are safe and can be injected once, twice or three times per week, especially for people with headaches, muscle injuries, and muscle spasms.

I had the opportunity to go to German and get trained under people like Dr Jan Kersschot to do the bio-puncture injections with all natural homeopathic remedies. I’ve been practicing it for the past fifteen years in my pharmacies and have helped thousands of patients.

Even old injuries can upon examination be treated

in a simple and effective manner.

Why not contact us today, and see if you can benefit with bio-puncture.

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for more information and appointments on our Bio-puncture.

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